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Projekt inom DPPT: Securing psychoanalysis in the public health sector

Ingrid Häggarth

When you shall make a summary report of the position of psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic therapy in Sweden to day a multifaceted picture appears.
There are parallel processes which both support (The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) and work against (The Swedish National Institute of Health) the role of psychoanalysis. It concerns both knowledge and changing views in the psychiatric profession but also changed economic rules. There are also other current outlooks, which influence the picture.
Concerning the changed outlook within the profession there is probably the always existing conflict between the biological and the humanistic view, and the structural change which has occurred because of the reforms within the healthcare in Sweden has led to that psychiatrists with psychoanalytical and psychodynamic knowledge have fled the public sector, and the psychiatrists remaining have a different conception/opinion which then has got an increased importance.
There is also the widening scope of the neuropsychiatric conditions and the emergence of new groups of patients.
The whole psychiatric field has got a bias toward neuroscience and neuropsychiatry.
There are a number of possible/necessary actions to improve the situation: The most important must be to get a representative within The Swedish National Agency where guidelines for different treatment methods are developed. We have to demand that an independent panel of experts is put together when new guide lines are formulated.







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